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WordPress custom query with Pagination

Last couple off days have been very hectic for me finding a solution regarding how to write code for multiple meta query for custom fields, and as I am great fan of ACF(Advance Custom

How to add Categories and Tags boxes for Custom Post Type

Categories and Tags boxes for Custom Post Type[/caption] Recently I learned that how to assign Categories and Tag boxes to Custom Post Type. Categories and Tag are built-in meta that have been already registered

Woocommerce custom fields with product category

WordPress – Product Categories[/caption] Recently I learned while working with a recent project work about how to add custom fields in product category post type using Advanced Custom Fields plugin. In this example I

How to override joomla language

Easiest way to change text in core Joomla or third party extension, is to use Joomla default language overrides functionality. This is so simple that you don’t need to find, where the text in

jQuery letter-based navigation with search functionality

One of my favorite script for letter-based navigation is iHwy Inc – jQuery ListNav Plugin. This plugin is very easy to implement to your current project with cool UI interface. You can find full

Execute cron job with Joomla

Sometimes our code needs to be executed automatic without human interaction and that’s where Cron Job takes our duty. Cron Job checks every minute to see if there is any task to perform. If

Simplest way to increase the WordPress memory limit without any worries

If you are a blogger and managing your WordPress account by it yourself, What if you will get something like “WordPress Error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” when trying to

How to put a placeholder on jQuery UI Combobox?

jQuery Autocomplete enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type, leveraging searching and filtering. After googling how to use HTM5 placeholder element with jQuery autocomplete. I

php – image upload with timestamp

This tutorial is very useful for those who just started developing in php field and it’s a very common script. You can find lots of similar scripts in world wide web, but I am

Magento – Display Static block directly into your .phtml file

Static block are easiest way to display your html content into your Magento eCommerce template. Suppose you have some static content or banner in your header that will change in every week or once in