In this social network world its very tuff to remember the password and also maintaining the list of username and password because of having many accounts.

I am writing this post for how to reset WordPress account without using “Lost your password” which is located at your WordPress logging screen or either you can change password with your PHPMyAdmin control panel where your user details are stored, but there is one more option to reset your password and that change your password directly in database. It’s very easy but you need your FTP details.

Step 1:

Navigate to you default WordPress theme directory “wp-content – > themes”.

Step 2:

Find function.php in your template and open with your editor.

Step 3:

Add this one line of code at top of the file.

<?php wp_set_password('password',1); ?>

Set your password which you want to set for temporary use, set password in a single quote.

Step 4:

Go to your WordPress login screen and reload the page and then remove that code from your function.php.

Step 5:

Now login with your changed password and now you can see your dashboard hopefully. For your blog security, change the password with strong content, character, number, and symbol from your user profile detail page. Here is one good password generator script strongpasswordgenerator which is very popular.

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